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The Christmas Banner
A fading light, the joys of Christmas are,
Yet not entirely extinguished,
For I live for happiness,
And I carry the old torch
To all on this night,
I do pledge the better hearts,
On every street, a fragment remains,
And these fragments, in their life time, may seek the internal flame
Fragments are just portions of memories,
Every year, in timeless fashion, we sing, we dance, we live
We cry, we sigh,
We fear, we die
But in my hollow shell,
Past my damned bones,
I say to you,
"Which beat is from the heart,
Which love has grown apart?
By now my soul, now scarred, in faded remiss,
But never conquered, never failed, even on Christmas"
:iconep0nym0us:Ep0nym0us 1 0
Crocodile's Dance
It burnt fast,
I could remember my youth,
An old dance,
It was good,
It was good, then
:iconep0nym0us:Ep0nym0us 2 0
Scales and Substitution
And I remember that this is for another,
Not just for me,
If that person would witness me now...
That person would have been the happier bunch
The dredge nights are rough but they calculate a better scar,
My name weighs less now,
Some cool dunes between us both, between the desert camel and the lion-hearted
:iconep0nym0us:Ep0nym0us 0 0
Atlantic Correspondence
Salty seas,
From one island to
The New World,
Yet sails of age show signs of age
May I ask, how long is this rain?
Every scrap meat better than a tobacco plant,
No gold here,
No soul here
:iconep0nym0us:Ep0nym0us 0 0
In some amber woods I did awoke,
And played with it did I,
Far too long, should I say,
Then ran elsewhere
I was always afraid of the future,
I had to thank Perry for what he did,
Lest I be forever vassalized,
And my ink never used
Yet I believed in my misconception,
What fool wouldn’t?
I said I would not have regrets,
And I am not sorry for the life I could not live
I returned to the woods,
No one greeted me,
I took off my coat,
I was never gone
:iconep0nym0us:Ep0nym0us 1 1
Liberty Lighting the Way
"After the darkness, I finally found semblances of peace. I'm so scared. What if it isn't the right light? Where am I now?
I feel so alone... please, when will the rain stop?
Where is the world I call my own. How can I have been so blind to what my own mouth was saying.
In final thoughts, final lights, I would have worn a sway should I have been the better me. At last, in my least, I have found some broken pieces, and some broken peace."
:iconep0nym0us:Ep0nym0us 1 0
After 1812
Warsaw to my boots,
From the high gold eagles
I used to stand,
To my broken buttons
:iconep0nym0us:Ep0nym0us 1 0
Architecture Series 002 - DART 2 :iconep0nym0us:Ep0nym0us 1 0 Architecture Series 001 - DART :iconep0nym0us:Ep0nym0us 1 0
All winters blow hard,
And with your hand, I found my lush,
But I am afraid of letting go,
Perhaps by fire, or by ice
:iconep0nym0us:Ep0nym0us 1 0
Portrait Series 001 - Tough Mudder :iconep0nym0us:Ep0nym0us 0 0 Dominator vII :iconep0nym0us:Ep0nym0us 0 0 Culinary Series 002 - Three Milks :iconep0nym0us:Ep0nym0us 3 1 Culinary Series 001 - Spam :iconep0nym0us:Ep0nym0us 1 0 Candid Series 002 - The Square :iconep0nym0us:Ep0nym0us 2 0 Candid Series 001 - The Inquisitor :iconep0nym0us:Ep0nym0us 1 0


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Writer, historian, and amateur voice actor. Realism and minimalism, at your service.

I'll be posting primarily literature on here. I am chiefly a short story writer that dabbles into poetry quite often. I consider myself to be a student within the School of Realism and the School of Minimalism; my works being a combination thereof. I also take a heavy focus in the field of fan fiction which has been my preferred genre to work with.

I have also taken an interest in photography as an amateur and so I will showcase some of my more worthier shots here as well. In regards to photography, I am more concerned with revealing the "true" nature of humanity - and of the world - through candid photography.








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